9 vs 9 (九対九, Kyū Tai Kyū) is the second chapter of Basilisk by Masaki Segawa, based on Futaro Yamada's novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls.


The chapter begins with Gennosuke and Oboro huddled together in the mountains, before switching to a elsewhere in the woods, where Jousuke had attacked Ogen's hawk to get the scroll. Jousuke is soon found by Rousai, who challenges him in a game of ninja arts to get the scroll back. Jousuke agrees and uses his rubber body to deflect the attacks from Rousai's stretchy limbs. He then uses his skill to laubch himself into the air, escaping with the scroll. Later on Oboro finds herself surrounded by other members of the Iga who had been out searching for her. She begins to explain that she had been with Gennosuke when Jousuke rolls through the trees interrupting the conversation. Rousai appears and orders Akeginu to take the scroll as Jousuke had stolen it. The Iga get angry but Gennosuke intervenes and orders Jousuke to give the scroll back, allowing them to open it away from the Kouga's eyes. The Iga discover Hanzo's treaty has been broken and laugh amongst themselves, though lie to Oboro about what is written. Akeginu and Oboro manage to convince Jousuke and Gennosuke to join them in Iga while the rest seek out Tenzen.

The group finds their second-in-command with Koshirou by the river and hand him the scroll, waiting in his orders on what to do. Tenzen laughs at the news, clearly plotting something. Elsewhere Juubei Jimushi is seen leaving Manjidani to find Danjou and Shougen.

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