"Divine Mandate" 「神祖御諚 Shinso gojō」 is the tenth episode of Basilisk.


Kyōhachirō Hattori reports to Ieyasu Tokugawa that Iga is leading nine to six. He explains that Danjō Kōga and Ogen were the first to fight and had killed each other. As their bodies embraced each other in death, he decided to leave their bodies as they are. Munenori Yagyū believes the fight may end sooner than they expected, but Masahiro explains that they are no ordinary people and Munenori recalls the Yashamaru and Shōgen's battle. Munenori asks who were the first to fight to mourn their lost leaders. Kyōhachirō says that it was large man and a old man, but both weren't aware of the pact being nullified at that point. He explains they called it a game and retells the fight between Jōsouke and Rōsai, and how it was stopped by Gennosuke and Oboro. Kyōhachirō explains how Iga then managed to kill Shōgen and Jūbei Jimushi, and then burn the Kōga's scroll. Munenori then realizes that Kōga didn't receive the scroll and are unaware of the war, which would explain why they lost more members. Masahiro comments that Munenori doesn't look happy, but explains that quick thinking and scheming is the essence of war and that the ninja are not warriors, but diehard spies. Kyōhachirō continues to explain how Jōsuke got killed and what Tenzen's group did in Kōga, which is the extend of what he had witnessed. As he returned to report, he told his men to send reports of any new developments. Munenori explains that the woman war in Edo is also becoming ferocious.

Munenori explains that Takechiyo's wet nurse Ofuku and Kunichiyo's backed by Oeyo are at war, which involve guardians and statesmen. Last winter someone tried to kill Ofuku and soon after that Kunichiyo was attacked at night. Recently Takechiyo's drink got poisoned and Ofuku sucked it out without care for her life. Ieyasu tells him to not worry and that he had taken measures in Edo as well and had sent Tenkai.

Kyōhachirō receives a report and starts reading it saying that the war had moved to Iga. He reads about Okoi's capture and death, along with Yashamaru's and Rōsai's. As he reads how Gennosuke learns about the situation and the use of his ability, Munenori trembles. Kyōhachirō then explains that Kōga now know about the war and that the current situation is seven to five survivors for Iga. Kyōhachirō express desire to leave and continue observing by himself and Masahiro allows him to go. Ieyasu comments that Iga and Kōga twenty elite ninjas might have been useful for the attack on Ozaka.


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