Evil Clouds Begin to Stir is the sixth episode of Basilisk ~Ōka Ninpō Chō~.


Many years have passed. The surviving ninjas are in hiding, and Hachirou has disappeared. The Joujinshuu have yet to return, but can these days of relative peace last forever?


Tadanaga faces Hidetada who questions him why he went hunting monkeys at Sengen Shrine, as the monkeys there are considered messengers of god. Tadanaga couldn't explain and just wants forgiveness. Hidetada tells him to be prepared to be stripped of lands and peerage. That winter Hidetada passed away and secret funeral performed by his request. A year after his death, Tadanaga is sent at Ueno, Takasaki Castle and is believed only then he was punished for his hunt.

Several years later, Shikibu Kōra and Hachisu train in one on one fight in the forest. As Shikibu hits Hachisu, he worries if she was okay, but gets shot several times. Getting annoyed, he knocks her pistol and announce his win. They talk and complain about how both held back and Hachisu considers asking Gorone improve her gun. Following Gorone's advice, Shichigen Higurashi and Rui train in a room, practicing their seductive techniques and trying to resist each other. Shichigen notices that Saizō Ishi is watching and they chase him away. As his eye return to him, he talks to himself that he isn't excited about watching them, but just killing time.

Rui later joins Utsutsu at the river, where Utsutsu thanks Rui for giving her a new scarf as she believes she will be able to make more and better illusions with it. Hachisu complains to Gorone about her gun and he says he will fix it eventually. She tells him, he needs to work a bit harder, as its unknown when the enemy will return.

On the next day, the girls work in their store, where they sell food and clothes. Later that day, they calculate their profit and comment it would be good if things remain the same and the enemy doesn't return. Hachisu comments that it will likely return and with them, Hachirō will return too. When he left, the boys cried for him, but they believe he will be back and kept training.

Hachirō is honing his sword skills, recalling how Joujin told him his eye technique won't work on him. He meets a monk on a rope bridge, who knows who Hachirō is and attacks him. The monk uses a blindfold to not get caught by Hachirō eyes. He chose the bridge so that he is more aware of the surroundings, but Hachirō easily jumps over him and captures him. The monk then easily slips away from Hachirō saying the battle isn't over and removes his blindfold introducing himself as Hadaebō. He apologizes for attacking him, but he wanted to test his skills and reveals he has a request for him. He tells him that Tadanaga is exiled in Kouzuke, but wants to speak with him as he believes something strange is coming or had come already, a strange castle Murakumo.


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