Hibiki Iga伊賀響(いがひびき) Iga Hibiki」 is the heir to and the de jure leader of the Iga. She is the younger twin sister of Hachirō Kōga


Hibiki is a young girl with long dark pink hair and big light brown eyes. She wears a orange kimono which reaches her knees and ties it with a red obi, she also wears sandals. Hibiki, similiar to her mother, wraps her hair in a green cloth and ties it back into a ponytail.

She has a mole on the left side of her chin.




  • Mystic Eyes: She inherted her mother's dōjutsu, the "Mystic Eyes" which neutralize the techniques and skills of any ninja that meets her gaze. Unlike Oboro's Dojutsu, Hibiki's is not permanently enabled and can be triggered at will.
  • Kenjutsu: Other than her dōjutsu, she also seems to be skilled with kunais.


Hachirō KōgaEdit

Kōga is Hibiki's twin brother.


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