Ieyasu Tokugawa  (徳川 家康, Tokugawa Ieyasu) was born as Matsudaira Takechiyo and is the 3rd Unifier of Japan after the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Now the retired Shogun is the one who starts the Ninja War to decide a successor over the next Tokugawa Shogunate. To prevent warfare between the supporters of his two grandsons, he instead has the Kouga and Iga fight a proxy war, each side fighting on behalf of either Takechiyo or Kunichiyo.


Ieyasu was a large elderly sick old round man, white hair styled in the traditional samurai style a chonmage with matching eyebrows and mustache, fait amount of wrinkles and seems to be suffering from throat cancer as seen by the large growth beneath his chin. His typical outfit he wears a yellow and white yukata consisting of a light yellow hakama and white shitagi worn under a white and yellow haori. Tucked inside his hakama seems to be a small pink tanto dagger. 


The elderly former Shogun, who appears to be suffering from some sort of throat cancer as evidenced by the bulbous growth beneath his chin. Although retired, he still possesses enough influence within the government to revoke the Hattori truce in order to resolve the succession dispute. Historically, Ieyasu is regarded as an effective but extremely heartless ruler. Basilisk maintains this image of him as he clearly views both Kouga and Iga as expendable in the face of ensuring political stability and his family's grip on power.

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