Munenori Yagyu
Background/Alliance Information
Japanese name: 柳生 宗矩, Yagyū Munenori
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Tokugawa Shogunate
Occupation: Kenjutsu Instructor
Family: Unknown
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
Anime Debut: Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Norio Wakamoto
English: Ed Blaylock
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Munenori Yagyu (柳生 宗矩, Yagyū Munenori) is a Kenjutsu instructor of the Yagyū Shinkage-ryū school of which the Tokugawa shogunate was a loyal patron. He was in the audience at Sunpu with Ieyasu, Masahiro, Ogen and Danjou during Yashamaru and Shougen's duel and follows the war alongside the retired Shogun. Due to their barely-checked hostility toward each other and the awesome power of their techniques, he views the Iga Tsubagakure and Kouga Manjidani sects as being more akin to demons than humans. Like Tenkai, he also returns in The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls.