Oeyo (於江与, Oeyo) is the sworn enemy of Ofuku and the consort to Ieyasu's son Hidetada, the current reigning shogun. Although she gave birth to both Takechiyo and Kunichiyo, she favors Kunichiyo and leads the faction supporting his claim to the Shogunate. Oeyo is just as heartless and manipulative as Ofuku and in the anime, is suggested that she or one of her supporters even attempted to poison Takechiyo's tea.


Oeyo appears as a rather large woman, dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. She wears a yellow kimono, tied with a red sash and wears a blue, patterned coat over the top. Her hair is tied up with combs in a traditional hairstyle. She is usually seen with her eyes shut, though they are seen to be small and beady on the rare occasion where she does open them


Oeyo's first and only appearance is in an anime-only scene, where she is seen caring for Kunichiyo after one of Takechiyo's faction tried to assassinate him by poisoning his food. Later she is seen standing outside, where she is approached by Tenkai Nankoubou. He asks her what was wrong and she explains to him the situaution with Kunichiyo. She refuses to let the incident go and says she shall go to Sunpu to speak with Ieyasu. Tenkai asks her to reconsider, telling her its better to wait for a resolution to the succession dispute. She begins to say something but notices Takechiyo with one of his servants and instead asks Tenkai to say the same to Takechiyo's supporters. She then leaves to return to care for Kunichiyo.

Historical InformationEdit

Oeyo (Also known as Satoko (達子) or Sūgen'in) was the wife of Hidetada Tokugawa (the second Tokugawa shogun of Japan) and the mother of his successor Iemitsu. Oeyo was the third and youngest daughter of the sengoku daimyo Nagamasa Azai. Her mother was Oichi, younger sister of Nobunaga Oda. Oeyo's oldest sister was Chacha, or Yodo dono, the second wife of Hideyoshi Toyotomi (and mother of Hideyoshi's heir Hideyori); between Chacha and Oeyo was Hatsu, wife of the sengoku daimyo Takatsugu Kyogoku.

Born in 1573, Oeyo died on September 15, 1626 and was buried at Zojoji in the Shiba neighborhood of Tokyo.


  • 1573: Born
  • 1595: Married Hidetada Tokugawa
  • 1597: Gave birth to Sen-hime
  • 1604: Gave birth to Iemitsu (Takechiyo)
  • 1605: Hidetada becomes shogun
  • 1606: Gave birth to Tadanaga (Kunichiyo)
  • 1607: Gave birth to Masako Tokugawa, who in 1620 married Emperor Go-Mizunoo (in 1629, Kazuko's daughter became Empress Meishō)
  • 1623: Iemitsu becomes shogun
  • 1626: Died while Hidetada and Iemitsu were in Kyoto
  • 1626: Received the court rank of Juichii (posthumously)
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