Saizō Ishi (碁石才蔵, Ishi Saizō) is one of the main characters of Basilisk ~Ōka Ninpō Chō~ Saizō is a young male ninja from the Koga clan, who can dislocate and send his eyes out for observation, however, this technique leaves his body vulnerable.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

A young male ninja from the Koga clan who was brought up with Hachiro, Hibiki, and the others.

He may seem like a poisonous twisted man, but he is really good at making strategies. 

He also likes to spy on others with the many eyes he has on his bandana. 

Biography Edit

Saizō was brought up along with Hachiro, Shichigen, and Shikibu who are apart of the Koga clan.

Abilities Edit

His special technique is called “Hundred Eyes”. Saizō can dislocate and send his eyes out for observation, however, this technique leaves his body vulnerable.   He can also use his Hundred Eyes to make other people see what he sees himself.

He is also the only known ninja to realise that the eyes are only a catalyst to what they see. Using this philosophy, he is unaffected by minor illusions, althought Utsutsu's representation of hell has proven powerful and terrifying enough for him to lose consciousness for several minutes.


Relationships Edit

Kōga ClanEdit

Hachirō Kōga Saizō lives to protect the heir to Kōga clan. Saizō met Hashiro prior to the events of the 1st episode. At first, he wanted to test the heir of the Kōga clan to see how powerful Dojutsu, Hashiro's hypnosis technique was. His own hand almost killed him because Hashiro hypnotized Saizō without him knowing it. Since their first meeting, Saizō treats Hachiro as his most important person. When Hachiro left the village, Saizō cried along with Shichigen, and Shikibu.

Iga ClanEdit


Saizō and Utsutsu are usually paired together when it comes to both clans having to work together. Utsutsu and Saizō have a cat-and-dog-like relationship. They usually always bicker when around one or the other. His eyeball technique always creeps out Utsutsu. 

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