About Oboro Skill (eyes of ruin) Edit

Hi,I have read what you say about oboro´s eyes works, but i find hard to believe.

Because, here is said that her skill "operate by first inducing a significant internal pain upon the recepient, causing the victim(s) to lose concentration" I can drop this theory by feats, in chapter 23 anime after min 10 she nullify a passive skill ninja (note that pasive skills dont require concentration) at the same time, shows that the passive ninja did´nt has any kind of pain nor even note the effect in the process and the effect was in an instant.

Eyes of Ruin seems to have a destructive effect on demons

With the Demon inside ninja Tenzen shows pain, first the demon can´t use the ninja eyes to see surrounding and so try to heal and then he sees oboro´s eyes then we can see that him cant move or try to evade the eyes getting some pain, also dies after some time of been seen by the oboro´s eyes

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